Louisiana Pastor Tony Spell Jailed for Supposedly Backing Church Bus Toward Coronavirus Protester

Louisiana Pastor Tony Spell Jailed for Supposedly Backing Church Bus Toward Coronavirus Protester
 Pastor At Life Tabernacle Church In Baton Rouge Holds Easter Service Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Pastor Tony Spell speaks with the media as he drives a bus of congregants from Life Tabernacle Church after Easter church services on April 12, in Central, Louisiana. Spell has been holding in-person services regardless of Governor John Bel Edwards’ ban on events of 50 or more individuals.
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Louisiana Pastor Tony Spell was detained Tuesday for allegedly backing a church bus towards a coronavirus protester.

Graham Ulkins, a press reporter for WAFB 9 News in Baton Rouge, posted video of the arrest on his Twitter feed: “Breaking: Pastor Tony Spell simply cuffed and en path to EBR Parish Prison. Charged with aggravated attack, improper backing, and exceptional bench warrants. Central PD releasing a declaration quickly.”

#BREAKING: Pastor Tony Spell simply cuffed and en route to EBR Parish Jail. Charged with aggravated assault, inappropriate support, and exceptional bench warrants. Central PD releasing a declaration soon. @WAFB pic.twitter.com/4hx1yQRV4N

— Graham Ulkins (@GrahamUlkins) April 21, 2020

Spell can be heard stating, “Do not take my Bible,” as authorities place his hands behind his back to handcuff him. The Central Authorities Department stated Spell was released an arrest warrant for exacerbated attack with a deadly weapon, according to a report by WAFB 9 News.

Abbi Rocha, a reporter for NBC Local 33, tweeted out video of the occurrence Sunday that led to the arrest warrant: #Breaking– Central Pastor Tony Spell has a warrant out for his arrest for an occurrence with a protester that took place on Sunday.

Security footage of the event Sunday shows a large school bus– like church lorry backing up to a male holding a sign. The bus stops right prior to it reaches the man, who was objecting Spell’s refusal to adhere to government lockdown orders.

Trey Bennett, who determined himself as the protester seen in the video, told WAFB 9 News that he believed Spell was merely backing the vehicle out of the driveway in order to drive away, “however he just kept can be found in reverse.”

” I might see him driving the bus. He was beeping his horn loudly at me and making gestures suggesting he was screaming while he was driving. It didn’t seem genuine until it was physically in my face with a bus,” Bennett said of the occurrence.

Spell informed WAFB 9 News that he was in reality driving the bus displayed in the security footage with the intention of climbing up out and facing Bennett, though his better half persuaded him not to.

” That male has actually been in front of my church driveway for three weeks now. He shoots individuals obscene finger gestures and yells vulgarities. I was pulling in from my bus route, getting black children who haven’t eaten because of this sinister policy that has actually closed schools. I was going to approach this gentleman and ask him to leave,” Spell stated.

Bennett rejected the allegations made by Spell, stating, “I have not done anything of the sort. I simply stand there with an indication. I do not state anything to any person.”

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