Hannity gives Trump another chance to lay out his second-term agenda

Hannity gives Trump another chance to lay out his second-term agenda

After Hannity gave Trump an opportunity to redeem himself Thursday, Trump listed a number of policy areas including defeating coronavirus, rebuilding the economy, negotiating new trade deals and appointing more federal judges.

The president initially said he was not aware of the criticisms arising from his answer last month, responding: “I didn’t know I was criticized for that answer because it’s a simple question.”

Trump went on to say that he has accomplished more in his first term than any other president, citing increased military funding and construction of barriers at the southern border.

Trump also repeatedly laced into Biden, claiming the former vice president would be unable to pass a cognitive ability assessment that Trump said he “aced.” The president has repeatedly attacked Biden’s mental fortitude, claiming the Democrat lacks the stamina for the demands of the presidency.

When asked about his cognitive ability during a campaign event last week, Biden said that he is “constantly” tested and that he “can hardly wait to compare to my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.” Those remarks have led to a battle cry among the president’s supporters for test results of any cognitive assessment Biden may have taken.

Trump repeatedly has stated he scored highly on a cognitive assessment as part of his physical in 2018. During his Thursday interview, Trump said doctors were “very surprised” at his performance after he was tested “very recently.”

Trump also amicably but dismissively responded to Kanye West’s announcement that he would be running for president. The musician, who has spoken in support of the president, made the announcement on Twitter on Saturday. Trump said that he gets on well with West but that “he’s always going to be for us.”

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