When a health crisis ends up being an economic crisis, shutting down America has to end

When a health crisis ends up being an economic crisis, shutting down America has to end


There is a growing revolt against the imposition of police state federal government on the Land of the Free. In Michigan, the cry for freedom has been heard as vehicles and pickup flying the Stars and Stripes circle the state capitol, and one brave press reporter even found the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy– though I have actually browsed and searched and I have yet to see the shocking symbol.

In North Carolina, there are residents marching for flexibility and in Maryland– when called the Maryland Free State– the citizenry is restive. Even in goose-stepping California there is rebellion developing.

The call is for liberty– and the worry is of joblessness. Now nationally the joblessness ranks have actually filled to 13 percent of the population in a nation that a month back was at record-high employment. It will get worse.

Does it take open rebellion to get the attention of America’s elected officials? I advised my readers to wash their hands and to go one step beyond.

The authorized range is at least six feet, though I think it was The New York Times that warned that 6 feet might not be sufficient.

Really, the term “social distancing” is an oxymoron.

Yet to return to our subject, it is time to note that we are quick approaching the time when what has been a health problem– no, make that a health crisis– is ending up being a financial crisis and quite perhaps a political crisis. Some people appear to believe money comes from government.

Bob Luddy, the primary executive of a leading North Carolina company, CaptiveAire, has composed an open letter to the guv of his state, Roy Cooper. His letter to Mr. Cooper must serve as an open letter to all.

Americans in massive numbers have actually lost their tasks, their spiritual liberty, their liberty of motion and their flexibility of association.

It was just a matter of time prior to the shutting down of the country for factors of public health had to end. We have actually done all we can for those who experience coronavirus. We can continue serving them, but now we need to allow 330 million Americans to take care of themselves and in so doing to look after everybody. Either this is performed in an orderly method or the demonstrations will spread. An economic crisis will become a political crisis.

– R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. is founder and editorial director of The American Viewer. He is the author most just recently of “The Death of Liberalism,” published by Thomas Nelson Inc.

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