Trump at Moon Township, Pennsylvania rally rips Biden on Supreme Court

Trump at Moon Township, Pennsylvania rally rips Biden on Supreme Court

President Trump went after his opponent Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden Tuesday during a campaign rally in Moon Township, Pennsylvania over his unwillingness to reveal the type of judges he would tap for the Supreme Court and waffling on fracking.

Mr. Trump, who has released a list of his potential Supreme Court picks during his 2016 campaign which has been continuously updated, is readying to announce his next Supreme Court nominee on Saturday following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

He says his opponent won’t release the type of justice he would nominate because they would be extreme and do away with the Second Amendment.

“He can only put super left radical judges on. People that would destroy your country,” the president warned.

Energy production was also a top issue Mr. Trump emphasized while at the rally, noting Pennsylvania is an energy-rich state.

“We are the dominant energy producer. We are going to keep it that way,” the president said, noting Mr. Biden has waffled on the issue of fracking during the campaign — at first saying he would ban it, but since has attempted to walk that back.

It’s likely an issue to be discussed during the upcoming presidential debates, with the first one taking place next week.

Mr. Trump also took a swipe at Mr. Biden during his speech over always wearing a face mask even when he is several yards away from anyone.

Mr. Biden has pushed for a national mask mandate during the coronavirus pandemic — unlike Mr. Trump, who is rarely seen in a face mask.

“Will he leave it on during the debate?” the president said. “Is he going to walk in with a mask?”

“He feels good about the mask and that’s ok — whatever makes you feel good,” Mr. Trump said.

The president won the state of Pennsylvania in 2016 against Hillary Clinton by less than 1%. The current Real Clear Politics average has Mr. Biden up by 3.9 points.

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