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Some Americans say they have not gotten their coronavirus stimulus checks since the feds sent the cash to the wrong savings account.

A number of taxpayers tried to examine the status of their payments on the Internal Revenue Service’s site only to discover the company put the money in accounts they didn’t recognize or no longer use.

” My stimulus got sent out to the incorrect account and it will not let me upgrade it despite you guys stating we could. I think I’ll just get evicted,” one Twitter user griped to the IRS on Wednesday.

” You sent my check to the incorrect account number!” Lydia Cooper tweeted Thursday morning. “I have actually had my represent years. Bank states there’s absolutely nothing they can do.”

Stimulus Check
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The issue appeared when people logged into the IRS’s “Get My Payment” app, which encountered problems Wednesday as millions of Americans waited for their share of the $2.2 trillion stimulus costs Congress passed last month.

The app informed some taxpayers their cash had been deposited and showed the last four digits of the account number where it was sent out. Some users said the account number was outdated or simply plain wrong.

” You’re joyous due to the fact that you’ve been waiting to get that money. And you look down and the savings account number is not even close,” Chris Rodriguez of Lansing, Michigan, informed U.S.A. Today, which reported on the problem Wednesday.

Internal Revenue Service spokesperson Jodie Reynolds informed the paper she had not heard about checks being sent to the wrong accounts, however she suggested the cash should be rejected by banks and went back to the Internal Revenue Service if that has indeed happened.

” The payment isn’t going to bounce back and just sit here,” Reynolds informed U.S.A. Today. “We will turn around and cut them a paper check and make certain they get their money.”

The IRS stated 9.8 million individuals had examined the status of their stimulus check and 1.6 million had sent direct deposit details by late Wednesday afternoon as its “Get My Payment” tool performed at “record volumes.”