Richard Grenell turns down Adam Schiff’s quote to control national intelligence

Richard Grenell turns down Adam Schiff’s quote to control national intelligence

Acting-Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has actually dented Rep. Adam Schiff in a brand-new letter, expressing surprise the Trump enemy didn’t praise the appointment of two women to head counter-terrorism unit and declining the congressman’s belief that lawmakers control the DNI’s day-to-day management choices.

Mr. Schiff, California Democrat and chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, had composed to Mr. Grenell on April 7 questioning his legal authority to reorganize the Office of National Intelligence and its National Counter Terrorism Center.

In an April 20 reply acquired by The Washington Times, Mr. Grenell called Mr. Schiff’s ideas “suggestions.”

The exchange of letters assures to be a running battle between the congressman who led the campaign to impeach and get rid of President Trump and the individual Mr. Trump selected in February to direct nationwide intelligence, consisting of the CIA.

” I must disagree with your proposals to divest the DNI of supervisory proficiency and

personnel decision-making authority, and to replace your committee’s mandate for Intelligence

Neighborhood (IC) oversight with a required for IC administration,” Mr. Grenell composed, staking out his claim to power.

Mr. Grenell likewise rebutted Mr. Schiff’s claims that a secret intelligence instruction on Russia in March was cooked.

” I need to also speak on behalf of the career intelligence officers at ODNI, whom your letter

accuses of politicizing the briefing to Members of Congress of March 10 th,” Mr. Grenell said. “As the Acting DNI, I am obliged to defend these career officers from unsubstantiated indictments of their

motivations and judgment. Lots of are upset by the accusations that they did not share

unvarnished evaluations. If you show me the reports you believe offer proof for

these claims, I can guarantee you that I will review them with the severity such accusations


And Mr. Grenell disagreed with Mr. Schiff’s criticism of the change in counter-terrorism management.

” I should start by voicing my surprise that your four-page letter said nothing about the

historical visit of the very first female Director of the National Counterterrorism Center

( NCTC),” Mr. Grenell stated. “Instead, you expressed concerns regarding the retirement of the previous male Director. You erroneously cast judgement on the reason of his departure while disregarding the

achievements of NCTC’s new leadership, 2 highly certified female officers working as the

Performing Director and Acting Deputy Director. Diversity of the IC labor force must constantly be

commemorated, and I am proud that we increased diversity within the ODNI’s senior ranks, to include

more ladies and members of the LGBT neighborhood.”

Mr. Grenell remains in the process of scaling down head office and the NCTC to free up more positions for functional agencies in the field and posts abroad.

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