Protect Our Police PAC says its raised $750K in the first three weeks

Protect Our Police PAC says its raised $750K in the first three weeks

A pro-police political action committee formed by former officers said Monday it has raised $750,000 in its first three weeks.

Protect Our Police PAC (POP PAC), an advocacy group formed earlier this month to counter “defund the police” candidates, is targeting district attorney and attorney general elections across the country.

It was formed by former Philadelphia police officers and supported through an investment by a local police union.

Nick Gerace, president of POP PAC, said 30 candidates have already submitted applications for funds. It has also picked up donations from more than 2,100 donors in 50 states.

“The support we’ve received from all 50 states has again proven that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want to defund the police,” Mr. Gerace said in a statement. “Protect Our Police PAC will be the channel for pro-police advocates nationwide to help reverse the narrative that ‘all cops are bad’ and elect leaders who will stand with law enforcement.”

POP PAC is already facing challenges from a coalition of progressive groups who have formed their own PAC. That advocacy group is backing candidates pledging to slash department budgets and redirect those funds to other social services.

That PAC is the WFP Justice Fund, led by the Working Families Party and the Movement for Black Lives’ Electoral Justice Project. It is also accepting donations and vetting candidates, although it is not clear how much money it has raised.

• Ryan Lovelace contributed to this report

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