POLITICO Playbook: Trump’s difficult ‘adjourn Congress’ bank shot

POLITICO Playbook: Trump’s difficult ‘adjourn Congress’ bank shot

TO UNDERSTAND the absolute absurdity of TRUMP’S argument, here’s what would have to occur: Senate Bulk Leader MITCH MCCONNELL would have to bring the Senate back, and they ‘d have to vote to adjourn.

— EVEN MORE REMOTE: IF TRUMP were to in some way require adjournment, stipulation 12( c) of Rule I of the Home Rules– included after 9/11– allows PELOSI to bring the Home back right away after TRUMP adjourns.

ANOTHER HISTORIC NYT FRONT: Banner heading: ” SALES AT U.S. STORES HIT ‘CATASTROPHIC’ DEPTHS”— with the -8.7% bar graph plunging down into the lead column.

JOHN HARRIS’ newest “Altitude” column: ” The shutdown reaction is coming quickly– with a vengeance”: ” Among the concerns looming over American politics has to do with the nature of what promise to be numerous backlashes over different measurements of the coronavirus crisis. Most apparent is what cost Trump pays for his administration’s tardiness in responding to the contagion in its early phases. Less obvious is what cost supporters of activist government spend for the most astonishing and disruptive intervention in the daily life of the country because World War II.

” The imminent libertarian surge is not a certainty however is more than a hunch. In informal discussions, one hears the sentiment even from individuals I understand to be fundamentally progressive and inclined to defer to whatever health officials say is responsible and necessary to reduce the worst results of coronavirus. It is possible both to support the shutdown and powerfully resent it– the draconian nature of the response, and the prevalent perception that to voice skepticism of any aspect of its necessity is outdoors reputable bounds.” POLITICO

In The Middle Of TALK OF SPORTS’ RETURN– “Garcetti: Sporting events, performances unlikely in Los Angeles till 2021,” by Alexander Nieves in Oakland

WAPO’S PAUL KANE: “Congress operates like a college, making a return to routine order made complex”: ” More than 10,000 employees, on a regular day, are spread across the Capitol, 7 office complex for legislators and committees, the Capitol Cops head office, the Library of Congress and a dormitory for Senate pages. …

” The most fundamental duties– 100 senators showing up for a roll call, or approximately 435 members of your home ballot– are fundamental offenses of federal health standards that say groups must be restricted to no more than 10 individuals.

” And after that there are the lots of members of your home who, instead of rent or own a private home, live in their workplaces. Each early morning these lawmakers use showers in your home gym to prepare for that day’s work representing their constituents.”

TRUMP’S MIDWESTERN HEADACHE– “Locations emerge in farm belt states where governors firmly insist lockdowns aren’t required,” by Alice Miranda Ollstein, Dan Goldberg, and Nolan D. McCaskill: “The only healthcare facility in Grand Island, Neb., is complete. The mayor has requested a statewide stay-at-home order that the GOP governor firmly insists isn’t required. More than one-third of those tested for coronavirus in the surrounding county are favorable– and there aren’t enough tests to go around.

” Grand Island is the fourth-biggest city in a state President Donald Trump and his top health authorities repeatedly call check for keeping the infection at bay without the stringent lockdowns 42 other states have actually enforced. Other than that new cases there and in Iowa, South Dakota and other parts of the heartland are beginning to surge, raising issue about brand-new locations that could quash Trump’s push to reopen the economy and extend the general public health crisis well into the summer.

” Trump and red state governors for weeks have actually relatively extolled how big parts of the farm belt have gotten away the devastations of the infection without the enforced shelter-in-place policies typical on both coasts. It’s still uncertain whether the states actually ‘flattened the curve,’ or if the virus just reached there later.

” Now, cases are emerging, threatening a local population that doesn’t always have easy access to the very same healthcare as more city areas. And the break outs are striking the heart of the country’s farming and meatpacking market, potentially interfering with the national distribution of food as meat processing plants shut down and truckers who move food across the country are sidelined by disease.” POLITICO

DOWN BALLOT– “Democrats eye enticing Senate prize in Georgia however deal with doubts about seizing it,” by WaPo’s Mike DeBonis

MEDIAWATCH– Nick Juliano and Catherine Boudreau are launching POLITICO’s new sustainability vertical as policy editor and reporter. Juliano formerly was deputy energy editor and Boudreau formerly was a farming reporter.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD– Ginger Gibson, deputy Washington editor for NBC News Digital, and Travis Burk, senior director of comms at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, welcomed Madison “Maddie” Alicia Burk on Tuesday. Pic Another photo

— Carmiel Arbit, a non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, and Spencer Mahony, a deputy trade commissioner for the U.K. government, recently invited Maya Adina Mahony. Photo

BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Manny Alvarez, a Fox News medical contributor.

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