August 16, 2020 | 1:21pm | Updated August 16, 2020 | 1:37pm

An Oklahoma State University sorority house is under quarantine after nearly two dozen members contracted coronavirus, school officials said.

There have been 23 cases detected at the Pi Beta Phi chapter, an off-campus sorority house, according to the university on Saturday.

“Due to the nature of this situation, the entire chapter house is in isolation or quarantine and will be prohibited from leaving the facility,” the college said.

“One member of the sorority who lives elsewhere is among those who tested positive and will also remain in isolation.”

The chapter house has already been disinfected and will be again after the two-week quarantine period, officials said.

Some students, however, said they fear the outbreak will spread even further on campus.

“You have girls that live in-house and some that don’t live in house,” student Julia Aguirre told News9. “I mean, they’re coming in and out, in and out all day.”

Greek Life has been behind virus outbreaks at other schools, including the University of Washington, where at least 93 students were sickened with the illness. Eighty-nine of the infected students lived in the college’s off-campus frat houses.

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