Juárez maquiladora supervisor passes away of infection in El Paso medical facility

Juárez maquiladora supervisor passes away of infection in El Paso medical facility

EL PASO, Texas– Raul Rosales, a manager at a Lear Corporation maquiladora in Ciudad Juárez, died in an El Paso health center of the unique coronavirus early Tuesday, becoming the Borderland location’s most current death.

El Paso had actually recorded 9 virus deaths since Monday night, according to health authorities, while Juarez had 32 deaths as of Tuesday morning. Rosales’ death is not presently thought to be represented in either city’s numbers.

” My father ended up being an angel today,” Monica Rosales stated in announcing his death to family and friends on social media.

The 57- year-old had been on a ventilator given that his household had him carried by ambulance April 11 from a health center in Juárez to El Paso in a frantic attempt to save his life.

Rosales operated at the Lear Rio Bravo plant for eight years. He told his family he was in contact with an ill staff member while on the task prior to the plant closed down at the end of March.

As his health aggravated, Rosales sent texts to his household cautioning the number of Covid-19 deaths in Ciudad Juárez was much greater than what the federal government was reporting.

He also said 6 other Lear supervisors and supervisors were at the exact same private Juárez healthcare facility where he was initially dealt with and as many as 20 workers at the Rio Bravo factory where he worked had passed away.

Lear Corporation makes vehicle seating and electrical systems and utilizes 24,000 people at 10 centers in Ciudad Juárez.

The Fortune 500 company based in Michigan with $21 billion is sales has consistently declined to offer an exact number of staff members in Ciudad Juárez who have actually passed away or been sickened by Covid-19

The rising Covid-19 death toll in Ciudad Juárez stands at 32, according to Chihuahua state health authorities. Throughout virtual interview, officials have actually dealt with repeated concerns about the possible role of international factories in a Covid-19 outbreak.

A number of those sickened by the virus are being dealt with at the Juárez Social Security hospital designated for employees in Mexico.

” Given the overwhelming demand at the Social Security Mexican Institute, we have moved all those staff members who were admitted to the federal government social security hospital IMSS #66, who wanted and able to be transferred, to private care centers. Lear is covering all medical expenses,” Lear stated in a declaration.

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