Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 6 points in Wisconsin, double digits in Minnesota: Poll

Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 6 points in Wisconsin, double digits in Minnesota: Poll

Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden leads President Trump by 6 points in battleground Wisconsin and by double digits in neighboring Minnesota, according to polling released on Wednesday.

Mr. Biden held a 6-point, 52% to 46% lead in Wisconsin and a 16-point, 57% to 41% lead in Minnesota among likely voters, according to the ABC News/Washington Post polling.

Among registered voters, 49% in Wisconsin said they trust Mr. Biden more to handle the coronavirus pandemic, compared to 42% who sided with Mr. Trump. In Minnesota, Mr. Biden had a more sizable 58% to 36% advantage.

The two candidates were running even in Wisconsin when it came to who voters trusted more on issues of crime and safety, while Mr. Biden held an 11-point, 53% to 42% edge on that front in Minnesota.

Mr. Trump did hold a 5-point, 50% to 45% edge in Wisconsin on who voters said they trust more to handle the economy, compared to a 3-point, 49% to 46% edge for Mr. Biden in Minnesota.

The economy led the way when it came to what voters in both states said was the single most important issue in their presidential vote, followed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mr. Trump also had more enthusiastic supporters: two-thirds of his backers said they’re very enthusiastic about supporting him, compared to 50% for Mr. Biden in Wisconsin and 44% in Minnesota.

Tightening the likely voter pool to only “very enthusiastic” supporters gave Mr. Trump a slight edge in Wisconsin and brought the contest in Minnesota to a virtual tie.

An enthusiastic vote counts the same as an unenthusiastic one, but those numbers suggest that Mr. Trump has an edge on at least one front in the strange new world of getting out the vote amid the public health crisis.

Forty-four percent of likely voters in Wisconsin and 39% of likely voters in Minnesota said they plan to vote early or absentee.

Among people who plan to vote on Election Day, Mr. Trump held a 67% to 29% edge in Wisconsin and a 60% to 38% lead in Minnesota.

At least 79% of voters in each state who intend to vote early or absentee said they plan to support Mr. Biden.

The polling was conducted Sept. 8-13.

The sample of 615 likely voters in Minnesota had a margin of error of 4.5 percentage points and the sample of 605 likely voters in Wisconsin had a margin of error of 4.5 points.

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