Joe Biden camp releases ad featuring ‘Trump-to-Biden’ Pennsylvania farmer

Joe Biden camp releases ad featuring ‘Trump-to-Biden’ Pennsylvania farmer

Joseph R. Biden’s presidential campaign released a new ad on Thursday featuring a Pennsylvania farmer who says he made a mistake in supporting President Trump in 2016.

“I’ll be the first to tell you I made a mistake,” Rick, the farmer from Lawrence County, says in the ad.

He says Mr. Trump isn’t responsible for the coronavirus itself but that he’s been “totally negligent” in his response.

“I made a mistake in ‘16. I won’t make a mistake in 2020,” he says.

The campaign plans to air the ad in Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Mr. Trump came face-to-face with some voters on the fence at a town hall in Philadelphia this week.

Ellesia Blaque of Wyomissing said afterward that she plans to vote for Mr. Biden after she had been weighing whether or not to vote at all. She said Mr. Trump was dismissive of her question about preexisting health conditions and that she got the impression he didn’t understand the issue.

Democrats also trotted out some Republicans at their convention last month such as former Ohio Gov. John Kasich who are now turned off by Mr. Trump but don’t have much influence in today’s GOP.

Mr. Biden, who has limited his interactions with voters during the coronavirus pandemic, is participating in a town hall in his hometown of Scranton on Thursday evening.

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