‘It’s a game changer’: Disinfectant microSURE claims to kill COVID-19 on surfaces, boasts 8 days of protection -TV

‘It’s a game changer’: Disinfectant microSURE claims to kill COVID-19 on surfaces, boasts 8 days of protection -TV

WOODLAND HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — During this pandemic, keeping surfaces clean and people safe is a non-stop fight! One new product available could be a game changer on that front.

Jump Gym is like many businesses; still shutdown because of COVID and desperately trying to stay afloat. But teaching gymnastics by Zoom has limited benefits.

“It’s not the same. They don’t have the equipment. It’s even not safe, because they don’t have a coach to help them,” said gym owner Alvaro Llosa.

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The facility in Woodland Hills already has visible safety protocols in place for when in-person operations resume. But they are counting on an invisible defense against COVID called microSURE, a multi-surface sanitizer that doesn’t require PPE to apply and is safe for kids.

“I don’t have to gear up, I just put it on my sprayer and fog the whole gym with no problem,” said Llosa. “That is something to me is a game changer. There shouldn’t be a reason to stay closed anymore.”

The active ingredient in microSURE is benzalkonium chloride, or BAC, and is found in most antibacterial wipes. Many products using BAC are vague about its effectiveness against COVID, but not microSURE. The product’s creator says it has been lab tested specifically against COVID.

“It definitely kills the virus, okay. And number two, it appears to validate the fact that it has on the surface as ongoing virus killing properties over time right now, the time point is that eight days,” said Dr. Erwin Lo.

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In its liquid state, the product is inert. But when applied to any solid surface and allowed to dry, the material forms molecular spear points, causing the pathogens to disintegrate. It’s safer than chemicals disinfectants.

The Denver Broncos actually mist their players with microSURE before practice, hoping to provide another layer of protection against COVID.

“It’s not a chemical kill, but it’s the, it’s the size of the nanometers and the technology that’s behind the product that mechanically just destroys the virus,” said Felipe Guzman, general manager of microSURE.

Knowing what’s at stake, Alvaro Llosa is confident this new product is part of the solution for reopening safely.

“My even daughter actually came to the camp. And I feel safe. You know to do that, I feel safe to apply with no problem,” said Llosa.

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