Ex-NYT press reporter Alex Berenson calls on guvs to resume schools, concerns coronavirus lockdowns

Ex-NYT press reporter Alex Berenson calls on guvs to resume schools, concerns coronavirus lockdowns

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Previous New york city Times press reporter Alex Berenson, who has freely questioned the models notifying the government’s reaction to the coronavirus crisis, informed Fox News’ Brit Hume that states should “reopen schools as rapidly as possible” while also questioning other aspects of the government response to the pandemic.

Berenson made the remarks to Hume on an episode of the “Fox News Rundown Podcast,” which comes out Wednesday.

” Firstly, I ‘d resume the schools as rapidly as possible,” Berenson stated, going on to describe why he believes kids shouldn’t be kept at home. ” One thing that is frustrating to me is that children remain in really, really low danger from this.”


Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, has questioned the lockdown strategy.

Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, has actually questioned the lockdown technique.

Berenson said that the truth kids are at a much lower danger of passing away if infected with the coronavirus isn’t the only reason he thinks governments must send kids back to class quickly. The previous Times reporter– who in his time with the paper from 1999 to 2010 mostly covered the pharmaceutical industry– kept in mind that being constantly house with parents might not be a good scenario for some kids.

He likewise stated that there is a possibility it may be harder for children to give the coronavirus to adults than it is for grownups to provide it to children.

” So you do not really need to worry that much about protecting adults from kids,” Berenson informed Hume concerning the dangers to instructors if school resumed. ” There’s proof that kids’s viral loads are so low. This is not the influenza, in this case. Kids actually get it from adults rather than the other method around.”


He continued: ” However the idea that we are denying kids an education and sometimes we’re sticking children at house with violent or drug-using moms and dads, and they can’t be seen by any other adults right now. That is horrible, because children are not at danger here.”

In the extensive discussion with Hume, Fox News’ senior political analyst, Berenson also spoke about how he became doubtful of the solutions governments are pressing to the coronavirus crisis. He highlighted at least one location on which he disagrees with White Home coronavirus task force professionals Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx.

” No, I do not,” Berenson stated when asked by Hume if he concurred with the assessment from Birx and Fauci that Hume summarized as “the mitigation efforts that they proposed have actually worked like crazy and for that reason, this thing now looks far less unsafe than it performed in the early modeling.”

” So we need to sort of compare social distancing, voluntary moderate social distancing, and tough lockdowns,” Berenson said. “Simply recently an extremely, very good paper came out of Germany. And this was this is released by the official German Public Health Institute. What they found was that the infection rate … seemed to peak in late February, early March. And after that Germany had a couple of moderate social distancing measures imposed and the infection rate went way down. And by the time they enforced the tough lockdown, which was March 23 rd, the infection rate was already at about 1.”

Berenson continued: “And it’s generally stayed in that range. In the two weeks prior to it had actually been in the 3 range. So there’s a good, coherent case … to be made that lockdowns, difficult lockdowns can in fact make things worse in the short term, which is why, which may be one factor that New York City suffered such a, you understand, a crisis in late March.”

On how his thinking on the coronavirus has actually evolved, Berenson stated that he became thinking about the virus as early as late January prior to becoming alarmed by the possibility of a pandemic in February and early March. As further info on the virus came in, he started to believe that the reaction to the infection might be doing more harm than excellent.


” The first thing that occurred was I understood what the real mortality rates appeared like by age,” Berenson stated, referring to the truth the infection is most harmful to older individuals and those with jeopardized immune systems. “That raises the question of whether some individuals are dying with rather than of this.”

He continued: “And second of all, if there are things that we could do that might safeguard these people instead of, you know, closing down all society and causing huge economic damage, huge social harm,” those options must be looked into.

Berenson remains in current years has made his name by advocating against the legalization of cannabis, writing a book entitled “Tell Your Children the Fact About Cannabis, Mental Disorder and Violence.”

His full interview with Hume will be available on the Wednesday episode of the “Fox News Rundown Podcast.”

Fox News’ Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

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