Cuomo threatens to close ALL New York bars and restaurants if crowds continue to gather

Cuomo threatens to close ALL New York bars and restaurants if crowds continue to gather

Cuomo threatens to close ALL New York bars and restaurants if ‘stupid’ crowds and business owners continue to ignore social distancing rules despite hospitalizations reaching their lowest since March 18

  • Bars and restaurants in New York City can service people on an outdoor basis
  • But Cuomo said on Monday too many were ignoring social distancing rules
  • Large crowds continue to gather at some bars, and the NYPD is refusing to interveme
  • Cuomo said he’d roll back the reopening and close all bars if it continues
  • The hospitality industry was crippled by the 14-week closure 
  • Many were put out of business entirely and others are open but can’t pay rent
  • The infection rate among those tested in NYC is now 1.3% and Brooklyn and Manhattan have the lowest rates 
  • Hospitalizations are down to their lowest across NY state – 716 – since March 18 

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has threatened to reverse New York City‘s reopening plan and close all bars and restaurants because too many are allowing large groups to gather. 

The infection rate of people tested in New York City is now just 1.3 percent, with Brooklyn (0.9 percent) and Manhattan (1.1 percent) showing lower numbers than any other borough. 

Statewide, hospitalizations have fallen to their lowest since March 18 – 716 – and the three-day average of the number of people dying every day is now 11. 

Despite the encouraging numbers, Cuomo says there are still too many young people, particularly in the city, flouting social distancing rules. 

They are ‘reckless and stupid’, he said, but the bar and restaurant owners who are allowing them to gather and the cops who are turning a blind eye to them are also to blame. 

Bars and restaurants in New York City were finally allowed to offer outdoor service on June 22 after an excruciating, 14-week closure that crippled the economy and put many out of business. Indoor dining is indefinitely postponed, due in part to the huge surge in cases being seen in other states where it was allowed to resume. 

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday threatening to close all bars and restaurants 

People at a bar in Buswick, Brooklyn, over the weekend, where people flouted social distancing rules

Steinway Street in Astoria was one of the areas Cuomo pointed out on Monday in his presentation


Bronx – 1.9 %

Brooklyn – 0.9 %

Manhattan – 1.1 %

Queens – 1.3 %

Staten Island – 1.9 % 

Citywide: 1.3 %

On Monday, Cuomo warned: ‘We cannot allow those congregations to continue. 

‘If it happens… I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. 

‘We will have to roll back the bar and restaurant opening if the congregations continue, if the local governments don’t stop it, that is what is going to happen. 

‘One plus one still equals two,’ he said.  

He showed photos of crowds at bars in Astoria, Queens, and on the Lower East Side as examples, but large gatherings have been seen all over the city. 

Statewide: 1.05% positive of 49,342 people tested positive (519). 

Bars and restaurants were allowed to resume outdoor dining on June 22. 

Many had been offering take-out throughout the pandemic which created a problem of people gathering in streets with drinks.

Last week, Cuomo tightened the rules. 

Hospitalizations are now at their lowest since March 19 – 716 people are hospitalized with COVID-19

People gather in the East Village on Saturday outside a bar. The bars have been open since June 22 on an outdoor basis only, but they have been offering take-out drinks for months 

Now, anyone who sits down at an outdoor bar or restaurant must order food with their alcohol drinks. 

While many have adhered to the rules strictly, others have flouted them. 

The White Horse Tavern in the West Village had its liquor license suspended for repeatedly violating social distancing rules. 

Others, like Lola Taverna in Soho, have been the subject of complaints from New Yorkers. 

Last week, a worrying number of ‘mask-free pandemic parties’ popped up all over the city. 

They were secretly promoted on WhatsApp and involved huge crowds of youngsters showing up at the parties to dance along to music by DJs. 

New York had by far the highest number of cases in the US at its worst in March and April. 

Now, as cases continue to soar in other states which were more relaxed in their approach to lockdown, Cuomo is taking his tactics to them to try to help. 

On Monday, he and a team of delegates departed for Georgia. 

His repeated boasts about flattening New York’s curve has enraged conservatives who blame him for the initial surge in cases. 


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