Coronavirus federal government response updates: Trump ‘looking forward’ to Cuomo visit Tuesday

Coronavirus federal government response updates: Trump ‘looking forward’ to Cuomo visit Tuesday

President Donald Trump entered a brand-new week facing continued criticism from guvs for his reaction on providing federal help with screening– a crucial component to resuming and avoiding a spike in new cases.

As Trump kept blaming guvs for not being more ready and refraining from doing more, Vice President Mike Pence held a teleconference with them Monday morning.

” Our group presented every guv in the nation, states and areas with a memorandum detailing laboratory capacity in all locations of laboratory equipment for diagnostic tests that can carry out the coronavirus test,” Pence stated.

” We informed the governors once again today that by our finest estimates, we have enough testing capacity today for each state in America to go to phase one,” Pence said. “If they meet the other requirements of 14 days of minimized cases, and enough health center capacity to get ready for any scenario that might occur.”

Some states aiming to reopen may not necessarily be meeting the White House guidelines, however it’s up to governors to makes those decisions, White Home coronavirus task force planner Dr. Deborah Birx stated.

” Each of the guvs can choose for themselves whether they have reached specific standards in particular locations,” Birx stated, utilizing Florida as an a design state.

The president also revealed New york city Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, would visit the Oval Office Tuesday, after the two have gone back and forth on a national phase criticizing each other’s reaction to the pandemic for the previous few months.

” I believe that the guv’s going to come in to see us tomorrow. We look forward to that,” Trump said.

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Here are Monday’s most significant advancements in Washington:

  • Trump continues to argue states responsible for screening, not federal government
  • Pence holds video teleconference call with governors to go over the task force’s recommendations for phased reopenings
  • Trump states New York’s guv going to White Home Tuesday
  • White Home and Capitol Hill leaders near offer on replenishing bank loan fund which dried up last week
  • Here are the most recent advancements in the federal government response:

    Trump states New York’s guv coming to White Home Tuesday

    President Donald Trump opened his briefing Monday by looking to the “economic revival” he states is being available in the wake of his “Opening America Again” standards, as several Republican guvs in southern states took the lead Monday and began raising steps to open services amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

    ” Governors throughout the nation are looking forward to stage one in revealing plans for an economic resurgence,” Trump stated. “We continue to be motivated that many of the locations hardest struck by the virus have actually turned the corner.”.

    The president likewise took the chance to attack some of the country’s guvs, after they had a teleconference call President Mike Pence earlier Monday, for slamming the federal government’s reaction on assisting states perform screening.

    Trump duplicated an argument from his administration that states are not completely benefiting from laboratories in their own states, singling out Republican Gov. Larry Hogan who has openly pushed the president to take more action when it comes to screening.

    ” Some of the governors like, as an example, the governor from Maryland did not actually comprehend the list. He did not comprehend too much about what was going on,” Trump said, referring to a list of laboratories in each state with a testing capacity.

    But ABC News obtained an audio recording of that call and Trump absolutely misrepresented what Hogan said.

    On the call, Hogan said he was already “in contact with each” noted for his state– and that he wasn’t in fact even able to utilize some of them.

    He said specific labs were federally run or controlled by the Department of Defense and had actually been off limits to the state. In reaction, White Home coronavirus reaction coordinator Deborah Birx informed Hogan the task force had spoken to the Defense Department and said “there’s a willingness” on its part to open those labs for the states to utilize.

    The president also revealed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, would check out the Oval Office Tuesday, after the two have gone back and forth on a nationwide phase criticizing each other’s action to the pandemic for the past few months.

    ” I think that the guv’s going to come in to see us tomorrow. He is coming to the Oval Office tomorrow afternoon. Andrew is gon na be coming in with a few of his people. So we anticipate that,” Trump stated.

    When Pence took the podium, he duplicated that it’s up to governors to manage testing in their states.

    ” Our team presented every governor in the country, states and territories with a memorandum detailing lab capability in all areas of lab devices for diagnostic tests that can carry out the coronavirus test,” Pence stated.

    He likewise dealt with Gov. Hogan’s concern that particular labs that are federally run or controlled by the Department of Defense and had actually been off limitations to the state, saying the White House is working to make those available.

    ” I was able to assure the guv and every governor on the call that we will make all of those laboratories offered throughout the country to every state as the requirement for testing capacity continues to scale,” Pence added.

    ” I am sure the armed force would provide their centers to the governor of Maryland or any governor who wished to use both to broaden testing,” Birx likewise said.

    Pence states all 50 states able to move into ‘phase one’ of resuming guidelines

    Pence stated every state in the U.S. has the screening capability to get in stage among reopening the country, also indicating all 50 specifies meet the White House’s “gating criteria,” regardless of a chorus of governors’ continued grievances with the screening supply chain.

    ” We told the governors as soon as again today that by our best estimates, we have enough evaluating capacity today for each state in America to go to phase one,” Pence said. “If they satisfy the other requirements of 14 days of minimized cases, and enough healthcare facility capability to get ready for any scenario that may take place.”.

    Some states seeking to reopen may not always be meeting the White House guidelines, but it’s up to governors to makes those choices, said a data-driven Dr. Birx.

    ” Each of the governors can decide for themselves whether they have actually reached specific guidelines in particular locations,” Birx acknowledged, before using Florida as an a design example state.

    ” I will inform you that the Florida department of health site is extraordinary,” Birx stated. “When you inform the general public and give them the info that they need, then they can make choices together with the local government and governors.”.

    Officials in Jacksonville, Florida, opened beaches to a restless and crowded public on Friday, and Texas opened state parks Monday with more constraints arranged to be raised as the week progresses, including permitting some elective surgeries to continue Wednesday.

    Gov. Henry McMaster of South Carolina also allowed some retail stores to open Monday with social distancing in place, and Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia revealed restaurants gyms, beauty parlor, and bowling streets, among other services, may begin resuming statewide Friday. And in Tennessee, the “huge majority” of services can reopen on May 1, GOP Gov. Bill Lee said.

    After Adm. Brett Giroir worried the value of testing, stating that the federal government would continue to increase its system as states look move beyond phase one of resuming, the president inserted that the U.S. was currently doing “the optimum”– even though some individuals state that much testing isn’t required, he declared.

    You understand, there are some individuals who do not want to do that much screening, however we are going maximum. We’re going to the outer limitations,” Trump said.

    Asked why Gov. Hogan protected 500,000 COVID-19 tests from South Korea, if there are enough tests for every state to enter phase one, Pence stated he “would not begrudge him or his health officials for buying tests,” while firmly insisting that the U.S. has appropriate testing capacity.

    President Trump, however, wasn’t as understanding, and pointing to a map of laboratories with access to testing in the Maryland area created by the White Home, suggested Hogan must’ve informed himself and conserved his cash.

    The governor of Maryland could’ve called Mike Pence and might’ve saved a lot of cash. Look at all those various locations,” Trump stated. I do not think he needed to go to South Korea.

    Late Monday, Hogan responded to the president on Twitter.

    ” I’m grateful to President Trump for sending us a list of federal laboratories and generously offering Maryland usage of them for #COVID19 screening. Accessing these federal laboratories will be important for utilizing the 500,000 tests we have acquired from South Korea,” he wrote,

    From earlier today:

    Guvs tell Pence they’re having problem keeping individuals at home, getting screening equipment

    Democratic governors of Michigan and North Carolina, facing demonstrations versus their stay-at-home orders in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic on Monday, asked the White House for assistance keeping people home, after President Trump had actually voiced assistance for the demonstrators.

    While Vice President Mike Pence consented to “make a point” to reiterate social distancing when asked, even GOP guvs like Greg Abbott of Texas grumbled to Pence that states are still having trouble getting access to the medical gear needed to gather samples for COVID-19 tests.

    The comments were made on a videoconference call between Pence and governors concentrated on testing, according to an audio recording obtained by ABC News.

    — ABC News’ Katherine Faulders and Ben Gittleson

    Anti-quarantine protests planned in parts of country as Facebook acts to get rid of events which break regional laws

    A Facebook spokesperson says that the business has done something about it to remove anti-quarantine occasions promoted on the website in California, Nebraska and New Jersey after consultation with state governments who said the events breach their particular state stay-at-home orders, ABC News’ Alexander Mallin reports.

    ” Unless government restricts the event throughout this time, we allow it to be organized on Facebook. For this same factor, occasions that defy government’s assistance on social distancing aren’t enabled on Facebook,” a business representative said in a statement.

    The Washington Post initially reported that a group of three far-right, pro-gun organizers is behind some of the biggest Facebook groups requiring anti-quarantine protests around the nation.

    The Facebook groups they handle have approximately 200,000 members integrated and have targeted protests in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

    They’ve continued to broaden rapidly, days after the president backed demonstrations in Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia on Twitter by suggesting residents “free” their states.

    As demonstrations are planned for Monday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to name a few places, to contact governors to resume economies, Washington Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee stated the president’s messaging was basically motivating unlawful activity on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday.

    ” To have an American president to encourage individuals violate the law, I can’t remember whenever in my time in America we have actually seen such a thing. It’s dangerous, because it could influence people to overlook things that might conserve their lives,” he informed ABC Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos.

    ” And it’s doubly frustrating to us guvs,” he included. “The president is asking individuals ‘please neglect Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, please neglect my own guidelines I state.'”.

    Treasury authorities states paper stimulus talk to Trump’s name on them have started being sent out

    A senior Treasury Department official validates to ABC News that the financial impact paper checks have currently begun heading out and remain in the mail– strolling back Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s remarks Sunday at the White House that physical checks would begin heading out “next week.”.

    The Trump administration faced criticism for a reported hold-up in releasing physical checks after the president’s name was added to them in what some call an “unprecedented move.”.

    The U.S. Trick Service, collaborating with the Treasury Department, launched a picture of what the economic relief paper checks will appear like Monday morning in an effort to help Americans and banking organizations avoid rip-offs around counterfeits.

    Secretary Mnuchin said Sunday on CNN that checks hadn’t been released to offer people more time to register for direct deposits– though the Treasury is now stating the checks are on the way.

    Mnuchin also said that putting the president’s name on the paper checks heading out today was his concept– and that he still does not have a specific number on ho numerous paper checks are heading out at this time.

    ” We did put the president’s name on the check. That was my idea. He is the president, andI think it’s an excellent symbol to the American public.”.

    — ABC News’ Matthew Vann

    ABC News Chief White House Reporter Jonathan Karl asked the president about this recently at a White House Job Force rundown to which the president said he didn’t understand too much about it.

    White Home and congressional leaders nearing deal to reimburse small business loan fund

    The Trump administration and congressional leaders are nearing a deal on an approximately $400 billion fund that might pass the Senate as quickly as Monday.

    The interim funding is to replenish a small business loan program that ran out of money recently, and would likewise include financing for hospitals and screening, which Democrats promoted and dealt with criticism for stalling settlements with the terms.

    Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said on CNN that he wanted to see the contract pass both homes of Congress early today. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer likewise expressed optimism Sunday about getting a deal done “tonight or tomorrow early morning.”

    Fauci cautions resuming country too soon could ‘backfire’

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top specialist on the contagious diseases, alerted Monday that raising social distancing limitations prematurely might “backfire” and lead to a “big spike” in cases, when asked what’s his message to protesters chanting “Fire Fauci” as some individuals promote a resuming.

    ” Unless we get the infection under control, the real healing economically is not going to occur,” Fauci informed ABC Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos in an interview on ABC’s “Great Early morning America.”.

    ” If you beat the gun and go into a scenario where you have a big spike, you’re going to set yourself back,” he described. “That’s the issue.”

    Fauci acknowledged the country is “definitely going to need more” screening than the 1.5 to 2 million COVID-19 tests being conducted now per week however expressed optimism the system is improving.

    ” We need to get up to a minimum of perhaps 2 times that, three times that,” he said. “However we will as we go into the coming weeks.”.

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