Better Business Bureau Says Stop Sharing Senior Pics on FB

Better Business Bureau Says Stop Sharing Senior Pics on FB
Better Business Bureau say it can actually be used as a tool by scammers to get some personal information. A lot of people are including in their posts the year they graduated and the name of their school, like ‘Class of ’73, Any High School.’

Scammers can use this information when hacking your accounts, because it’s often the answers to online security questions. Just by knowing you graduated from Bangor High School, for instance, they can Google the school and find out the mascot (another common security question) is the Rams. And with a little quick research online, which hackers are so good at, they can find information about who your family members are, your real name (especially if your account is in your married name), your birth date, or even where you live.

Other similar-type scams include asking people to post pictures of all the cars they’ve owned (including makes/models/colors), favorite athletes, and top 10 favorite TV shows. The BBB cautions everyone to always be mindful of what they’re putting on social media and how those innocent questions may also be sensitive material to hackers.

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