5-year-old child of first responders passes away from COVID-19 complications -TV

5-year-old child of first responders passes away from COVID-19 complications -TV

DETROIT, Michigan– A 5-year-old girl is now the first child in Michigan to pass away from COVID-19

Skylar Herbert was simply 5 years old.

According to ABC News, Skylar’s parents are both veteran first responders. Her mommy LaVondria has been a policeman for 25 years, and her papa Ebbie has been a firefighter for 18.

The couple informed WDIV Skylar developed a rare form of meningitis earlier this month after testing positive for the infection. She then needed to be placed on a ventilator for 2 weeks before she unfortunately passed.

” Skylar is out here, and she’s shining her light for us to tell the world this can occur to any family,” Ebbie stated.

The Herberts say their child had no pre-existing health conditions.

Skylar had imagine becoming a pediatric dental professional. She enjoyed packed animals and playing dress-up in her princess dresses.

” Well, she loved placing on dresses and naturally, playing in mommy’s makeup,” LaVondria described. “I just might never imagine being here, but you understand, I’ve been saying I need to discover peace. You know, I can’t be upset at God for what he did. You know, this was my only child. And I had her at 41 years of age.”

Her moms and dads are now advising individuals to follow stay-at-home orders as they grieve.

” Our child passed away so we can let the world actually know that a 5-year-old can change the world,” Ebbie said.

Ebbie and LaVondria state they hope other parents understand that their daughter’s death exposes the theory that children aren’t being impacted by the coronavirus.

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