WHO’s coronavirus reaction ‘a list of mistakes’

WHO’s coronavirus reaction ‘a list of mistakes’

Released on Apr 16, 2020

Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby Martyn Iles states the World Health Organisation’s reaction to the unique coronavirus was “a list of errors” from the very start.

According to Mr Iles WHO “would have known in December” that the virus was being transmitted between humans” and its decision to delay recommendations to impose travel bans was due to concerns about producing a “stigma”.

” Rather of produce preconception, the WHO lied, and individuals died,” he informed Sky News host Chris Smith.

Mr IIles stated by the time WHO advocated for country states to close their borders the virus had actually spread out around the world.

In the wake of heavy criticism from around the globe, World Health Organisation manager Tedros Adhanom has actually conceded he will “discover” from his organisation’s mishandled response to COVID-19 after Donald Trump axed $400 million in United States financing.

Image: Associated Press


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