Michigan Conservatives ‘Not Worried’ About COVID-19 Block Ambulance During Demonstration Against Social Distancing

Michigan Conservatives ‘Not Worried’ About COVID-19 Block Ambulance During Demonstration Against Social Distancing

social distancing steps rallied in their cars in the state capital on Wednesday, snarling traffic and even obstructing a health center entrance in a protest versus an executive order intended to stop the spread of the unique coronavirus in the state.

” The automobiles were obstructing one of our healthcare facilities, so an ambulance literally wasn’t able to get into the bay for ten minutes,” said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, whose statewide stay-at-home order provoked the ire of many right-wingers and Trump advocates. The order banned citizens from taking a trip to 2nd houses, closed non-essential businesses, and minimal outside activities in a quote to curb the spread of the infection.

” This is the sort of habits that extends the needs for stay-at-home orders,” Whitmer said in a television interview Wednesday. ” The worst thing that could have occurred today.”

One Whitmer advisor compared the Lansing, Michigan, rally outside the Capitol– called “Operation Gridlock” on a Facebook invite– to a MAGA rally, keeping in mind the prevalence of signs likening Whitmer to a Nazi, as well as semiautomatic rifles, Confederate battle flags, and in a minimum of one case, a Confederate fight flag emblazoned with the image of a semiautomatic rifle. (Michigan, obviously, was a Union state.)

Rallygoers fumed at what they view as disparities in the stay-at-home order, like a prohibition on motor-powered boats that still allows for using sailboats or canoes.

” We can’t take our boats on the water if they have an engine,” Rosanne Ponkowski, among the protest’s organizers, told The Daily Beast before the event. “We can’t purchase paint and go paint our house.”

    Anger over the expansive executive order was rooted partly in its regulation that Michiganders limit inter-state travel and close the home-improvement sections of big box stores, which are under order to restrict customer access to non-essential departments.

    Similar orders– and, in all probability, comparable levels of stir-craziness– have sparked numerous demonstration motions in other states throughout the country as locals demand that governors “reopen” their states, public safety be damned.

    ” When it’s my time to go, God’s going to call me home,” stated Ashley Smith, cofounder of “ReopenNC,” a conservative group which seeks the easing of social limitations in North Carolina. “I believe that to live is naturally to take dangers. I’m not concerned about this virus anymore than I have to do with the flu.”

    But those issues were intensified in Michigan by significantly unwarranted allegations that a restriction on gardening products suggested that Michigan citizens could not continue growing their own food, and that the closure of the gardening section of Costco amounted to a ban on buying American flags.

    Conservative media figures and chosen authorities, consisting of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Meghan McCain and the former campaign manager for Republican U.S. Senate prospect John James, credulously spread out those reports– although a lot of recanted after the guv published a “Frequently Asked Concerns” addendum to the executive order clarifying that it did not ban, for instance, the sale of children’s safety seat.

    In March, President Donald Trump criticized Whitmer– whom he called “the young … a lady governor”– and tweeted that while “I like Michigan … your Governor, Gretchen ‘Half’ Whitmer is way in over her head, she does not have a clue. Likes blaming everybody for her own ineptitude! #MAGA”

    Whitmer has mainly responded to the extreme criticism and unfounded rumors with calmness and reasoned positivity. When Sen. Ted Cruz retweeted a post wrongly alleging that the governor had herself broken social distancing guidelines when she signed the executive order, her official account reacted that “I know you would never ever deliberately deceive the public throughout a pandemic, so I’m enthusiastic you’ll remedy this error as soon as possible,” wishing him a “pleased Easter from Michigan” with a waving-hand emoji.

    As the protesters raved beyond the Capitol– flouting social-distancing standards and the Facebook invite for Operation Gridlock by putting together on the structure’s front staircase– Whitmer’s office responded that while the demonstration might continue, it had to do so safely.

    ” Everyone has a right to demonstration and speak up. We acknowledge that some people are mad and annoyed, and that’s all right. The Guv will constantly defend everyone’s rights to free speech,” said Bobby Leddy, Whitmer’s deputy press secretary. “We just ask those who pick to protest these orders to do so in a manner that doesn’t put their health or the health of our first responders at risk.”

    ” It was essentially a political rally,” Whitmer stated on MSNBC on Wednesday night, one that “contradict all of the science, all of the best practices, and the stay-at-home order that was released.”

    While Whitmer kept in mind that the average Michigander is “doing the right thing” in avoiding the spread of the infection– which has struck Michigan more difficult than any state beyond the Northeast– those who assembled, she stated, were in flagrant infraction of social-distancing guidelines. Protesters were recorded gathering together in tight groups without masks, handing out sweet to kids with bare hands, and displaying weapons.

    ” It was a political rally that is going to endanger peoples’ lives,” Whitmer stated, “because this is specifically how COVID-19 spreads.”

    Popular conservatives said the blatant offense of guidelines meant to halt more infections of a virus that has claimed more than 27,000 American lives was, eventually, Whitmer’s fault.

    ” This is what takes place when you play totalitarian for the day,” tweeted Donald Trump, Jr., the president’s child. “Possibly if Gov. Whitmer focused more on #Michigan and less on running for VP she might get better results for her fantastic constituents.”

    Whitmer herself had actually invited the opprobrium before the event, informing a regional ABC News affiliate that “it’s alright to be frustrated, it’s okay to be mad.”

    ” If it makes you feel better to direct it at me, that’s all right, too,” Whitmer said. “I have actually got thick skin.”

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