Is it allergies or coronavirus

Is it allergies or coronavirus

Spring allergy season is in full bloom.

BOISE, Idaho — Is it allergies or coronavirus? That’s a question a lot of people are asking right now, especially if you find yourself or those around you sneezing a little more often than usual. 

More than 50 million Americans are used to waking up with sore throats and stuffy noses because of allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

However, this year, it has a lot of people asking one question: “Every patient that I talk to, the first or the last question is always ‘do you think it’s COVID?,’” said the Allergy Group’s board-certified allergist, Dr. Neetu Talreja.

She says right now, she’s seeing an influx of people mistaking allergy symptoms for COVID-19 symptoms.

“Can I tell you 90 percent of the time or 95,” Talreja said. “Most of the time it’s probably common flu and spring allergy seasons, but the worry is out there.” 

So how can you tell the difference? 

Talreja told KTVB, spring allergy symptoms include things like itchy eyes and nose, and sneezing. 

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports coronavirus symptoms include: fever, cough and shortness of breath. 

There are some allergy symptoms that can mimic those of COVID-19, such as sore throat and runny nose, but Talreja told KTVB if a person does not have a fever, then it’s probably not covid. 

“Eighty-90 percent of the people have some kind of sensitivity to either the spring allergens or fall allergens or to animal dander or dust mites, so allergies are way more common than COVID,” Talreja said. 

She adds that there are actually different allergies for different seasons and those allergies could last until November.

When in doubt, reach out and ask a professional.

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