‘I was very confused’: Mom sick with COVID-19 delivers baby while in coma -TV

‘I was very confused’: Mom sick with COVID-19 delivers baby while in coma -TV

VANCOUVER, Washington — A new mom says she had her baby while in a coma, all while battling coronavirus.

Angela Primachenko told KPTV it all started with a cough, and not long after, she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

“Like, you know that kind of cough. And then it kind of got a little bit worse, and then I started having a hard time breathing at night,” Primachenko said.

While she was pregnant, she was admitted to the hospital and put on a ventilator.

Her twin sister said she wasn’t even sure Primachenko would survive.

“All of us were just like, ‘God, if you don’t come through, we might lose our sister,'” said Oksana Luiten.

Doctors delivered the baby at 34 weeks while Primachenko was in an induced coma, fighting the virus.

When she did wake up, it all felt like a blur.

“I wasn’t sure where I was. I was very confused. I didn’t have a belly anymore, didn’t know where my baby was. I was in isolation. I hadn’t been able to see my husband,” Primachenko said.

Her daughter Ava is still in the hospital so doctors can monitor her eating.

Eventually, Primachenko was taken off a ventilator and started breathing on her own. Doctors slowly took her off medication and removed her from ICU.

She’s now home.

“I’m just taking it every day at a time and just kind of trying to regain my strength and core and muscles,” Primachenko said.

Primachenko has been unable to see Ava because the new mom is still testing positive for the coronavirus. She will need to have two negative tests before that can happen.

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