Antibody tests could be the key to resuming Italy’s economy

Antibody tests could be the key to resuming Italy’s economy

Upgraded Apr 15, 2020 7: 07 PM EDT

Bologna, Italy— In the fight versus coronavirus, this may be the next frontier: screening blood for crucial antibodies that might be a sign of immunity. It takes just 15 minutes to find out if a client has antibodies, antibodies that could conserve a life.

They reveal that a person has been exposed to the virus, and is probably no longer in danger of getting ill or transferring the illness.

Now, with Italy’s economy under risk of collapse after a month-long lockdown, the government states it’s working on options to getting individuals back to work.

One governor wishes to release “licenses” enabling those with resistance to go back to their jobs.

Stating we can’t turn a pandemic into starvation, a previous prime minister suggests people who are no longer infected bring a “Covid Pass.”

One medical facility in Bologna is the first to roll out the tests, starting with 18,000 doctors and nurses, according to Dr. Tiziana Lazzarotto, who runs the program at Sant’ orsola Medical facility.

However while political leaders are promoting the tests, doctors state there are still lots of unknowns, including whether the antibodies mean enduring immunity.

And screening residents at big is at least several weeks away. Moving too rapidly would not just be risky, Lazzarotto said but could lead to a 2nd explosion of the infection, in a country that’s currently paid a massive expense.

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